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Since the Care Act 2014 further policy announcements are encouraging  colleagues to practice personalisation across care, health, and housing. The most notable have been the NHS Long Term Plan and NHS England’s Comprehensive Model for Personalised care.

In this context, the TLAP Making it Real framework for personalised care and support is gaining further legitimacy and interest. Following its refresh and relaunch last year with endorsement from the Care Minister, TLAP has been running a series of events, blogs and a webinar to guide colleagues in its use and potential and ongoing advantages.  

The Making it Real webinar, held on 27th March (1.20 - 49.30)  addressed:

  • Making it Real – the journey so far
  • What it is
  • The benefits with some practice examples
  • How to get involved

Practicing Making it Real requires:

  • Commitment to practice co-production
  • Using the I and We statements within a time frame of your choice
  • Peer support with other organisations whose details you can access from the TLAP website, and access to free resources.

Poll results

How much confidence do you have working co-productively with the people who access your services?

What's next?

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