Kirklees' Co-production journey

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The theme of Co-production Week 2024 is Co-production 'What's Missing?' This podcast series showcases stories of co-production from local councils, charities, and people with lived experience. It looks at what went well and what was missing and shares this learning for organisations at different stages of their own co-production journeys. 

From creating a vision for co-production to setting up a Co-production Board and a Direct Payments offer, Kirklees Council have embraced co-production creatively and meaningfully.  

In this podcast we find out about key activites in this journey, including how they kick-started discussions about an evaluation tool rooted in living a good life, barriers encountered and how they were overcome with ambitions for the future of co-production in Kirklees. 


Kate Pieroudis - Senior Co-production Adviser, Think Local Act Personal 

Tamsin Macdonald - Local Area Coordination Manager, Kirklees Council

Beve Smith - Co-production Partner

Jon Mills - Co-production Partner

Alex Chaplin - Strategy and Policy Officer, Kirklees Council 

Claire Den Burger-Green - Co-production Partner