Interesting practice examples from six councils on improving the provision of information, advice and brokerage under the Care Act

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During 2013 TLAP carried out a study to find out how local authorities were meeting the new duty under the Care Act and associated Guidance to improve the provision of information, advice and brokerage to people who use social care services and their carers.

From the original sample of 31 local authorities which took part in the study, six volunteered for closer observation of their work. Local authorities representing Barnet, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Stockport and West Sussex were specifically chosen in order to showcase a range of council types in different parts of the country which are carrying out innovative work -"interesting practice" in meeting this new duty.

The study involved the gathering of evidence including performance information and customer feedback, and interviews with commissioners, providers, "customers" and other stakeholders at each site. It aimed to capture learning, to highlight interesting practice and to explore these councils' plans for 2014/15.

Please note a summary of Barnet's work can be found in Gearing up for change - part 2 of the suite of three reports which accompany the case studies and are not itemised here.