Information and advice strategies

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Local Government Improvement and Development (formerly IDeA) has looked at how councils can improve information and advice for the public about social care.

Framework for information, advice and advocacy

This framework supports councils in developing their local strategies for information and advice. It was published in January 2010, along with a letter to councils from Jeff Jerome and Andrew Cozens.

Producing a national information spine

Further work has been carried out to find out what could form a national 'spine' of core information for use by the sector and the public. This has shown that a lot of information already can be found on existing national websites. However, it needs to be reconfigured and hosted in such a way to make it easy to navigate though and to ensure that it is linked to local information.

This scoping document gives suggestions for the development of a national information spine. It sets out how a core set of information on entitlement, rights and the care framework could be managed nationally.