Driving up Quality in Adult Social Care: Quality Assurance briefings

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In response to the Caring for our Future White Paper published in July 2012, TLAP's National Market Development Forum (NMDF) has published three papers on quality and quality assurance. Together, these briefings provide a framework to promote and support quality assurance and improvement in adult social care.

The Quality Assurance briefings are primarily aimed at those responsible for delivering, commissioning or regulating care and support services. The primary responsibility for the quality of care and support services rests with those providing such services, but others also have important roles to play.

Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State for Care and Support says in the foreword to "What is Quality?":

  • "...that the changes needed to reform care and support can only come about through a genuinely collaborative endeavour that crosses the traditional boundaries between the third sector, private organisations, local authorities and individuals. The cross-sector engagement that has underpinned the production of this series of documents strongly reflects this ambition."

The Quality Assurance briefings address:

  1. "What is Quality?" - Describes a high-level overview of "what quality is", and what characteristics need to be in place to assure and improve quality in social care
  2. "Statement of Quality Assurance Principles" - Outlines a framework to help assess and understand the various quality assurance, and improvement initiatives that currently exist
  3. "Who is Responsible for Driving Up Quality?" - Completes the picture of who is involved in quality at a national and local level, and how they can help make life better for people.