Department of Health briefing on Building Community Capacity

Authors Catherine Wilton and Martin Routledge.

Social care transformation is not limited to personal budgets or even to public services targeted at people eligible for state support. It is also about how people help themselves and each other as individuals, in groups and communities and how they make best use of the resources available for all citizens in their area. This Department of Health briefing, published alongside the Government's new vision for social care, sets out the arguments for building strong and resilient communities, including new evidence that it can save money, and outlines practical approaches to building social capital that are currently being developed by councils in the Building Community Capacity learning network.

The Local Government Group's Community Wellbeing Programme Board recently launched a discussion paper on the future of adult social care in the post-Spending Review context. It examines the importance of an asset-based approach to local care and support and the role of councils in enabling the development of caring communities. The Board will be developing the ideas in this discussion paper further and would welcome feedback on the approach it begins to set out. All comments would be very welcome and should be sent to