Creating the conditions for co-production within an outcomes approach to commissioning in Camden

By Lucie Stevens, New Economics Foundation

NEF (the new economics foundation ) has worked with the London Borough of Camden to develop an Outcomes Based Commissioning Model (OBCM). The OBCM captures the additional value that can be gained by adopting an outcomes-based approach to commissioning. The model achieves this by relating service-level activities and outputs directly to the service-level outcomes that a Local Authority aims to achieve through the provision of services, and then links these outcomes to the wider policy objectives for the whole of the area. It values the wider economic, environmental and social impacts of providers and captures savings over the life of a contract helping to maximise benefits from all public spending. It can be easily incorporated into commissioning and procurement processes across service contracts and creates a coherent framework which can be applied to strategic planning across services from in-house to competitively tendered provision.