Collaborative Healthcare guide

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Inclusive Change, the national partnership set up to help people "live good lives in good places" alongside TLAP and other partners, have launched a report, Collaborative Healthcare, showing how small-scale community projects are already delivering major health benefits and savings in communities across the UK.

One example of how small scale local intervention is already delivering dramatic health improvements is the Derby based "Local Area Coordinators" (LAC) projects.

Local Area Co-ordinators work autonomously, getting to know people at risk of requiring formal services and helping them connect with their communities and the full range of formal and informal sources of support.

By working together they were able to focus on an individual's main priorities, in the case of one resident; to get out of his flat, make some friends, and help other people and to feel safe, secure and more confident.

An evaluation by Derby City showed this approach saved or avoided costs of £800k.