At a glance 12: Personalisation briefing: implications for advocacy workers

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A briefing summarising the implications of the personalisation agenda for advocacy workers.

This At a glance briefing examines the implications of the personalisation agenda for advocacy workers.

Key messages

Personalisation for advocacy workers means:

  • working alongside people who use services to ensure that there is a genuine shift of control and decisionmaking in their favour, rather than falling back to traditional, servicecentred ways
  • increasing the scope of advocacy activity to ensure that advocacy is available to people who fund their own care, or fall below eligibility criteria for public funding
  • possible changes to the type of support that people ask their advocates for - there may be a greater need for support from advocates to enable people to consider how money is spent and support organised
  • enabling people to access support beyond that offered by conventional, more traditional services - this could mean supporting people to increase their contribution to and participation in community life; enriching both the life of the individual and the community
  • considering the implications of - and opportunities for - developing specialist support brokerage roles
  • having a key frontline role in ensuring that personal choice and control is achieved.