Supporting a sustainable & responsive market for people- Spring 2019

The event focused on supporting a sustainable and responsive market which works well for people. Topics included: recruitment, care and support planning, the role of personal assistants and ways to improve quality standards.

Summary of the day

Adult Social Care National Recruitment Campaign

Supporting presentation: National Recruitment Campaign

Jennifer Sheils from the Department of Health presented on the developments of the National Recruitment Campaign which covered:

  • Learning from the pilots that had taken place to date
  • Talking through further testing and consultation with the market
  • Setting out the current recruitment campaign and the way it is targeted
  • Providing a copy of the creative adverts that had been developed and links to the campaign provider toolkit
  • Setting out the benefits to the care provider market in utilising the recruitment campaign

The audience provided feedback on areas that were of importance to them:

  • Ensure recruitment for all working age people and not only targeted at a certain age group. 
  • To see the Adult Social Care sector at the forefront of the campaign so an online tool which was purely branded for the Adult Social Care market was seen as important for future work. 
  • Reflect on the importance of having people with the right values for a career in care and having opportunities for career progression.

To find out more, please see the following link:  Every Day is Different

My Support, my own way focused on personal assistants

The 2nd morning session focused on what it is like to employ a personal assistant, the information, resources and advice available from Skills for Care and how personal health budgets had been used to employ personal assistants which had achieved good outcomes. 

Supporting presentations:  Kate PA's and Making it Real

Carol Employment and Engagement of Personal Assistants

Steve using Personal Health Budgets to employ a PA

Kate Sibthorp from the National Coproduction Advisory Group focused on the use of the Making it Real Framework in discussions about care and support – ensuring a conversation about what matters to me!  Kate focused on 6 key themes:

  • Living the life I want, keeping safe and well
  • Keeping Family, Friends and connections
  • Having the information I need when I need it
  • My support, my own way
  • Staying in control
  • The people who support me

Kate continued to give a very powerful and personal view of what it was like to employ a PA.  When it’s good, it’s very, very good but when it’s bad it’s horrid!

TLAP has heard so many times today, people want a life, not a service!  Think about living, rather than care!

Please sign up to Making it Real on the Think Local Act Personal website:  Making it Real

Information, advice and support available to support individual employers and personal assistants

Carol Reeves from Skills for Care provided an overview of what resources, advice and support was available to individual employers and personal assistants.    Carol also shared:

  • Compelling facts and figures about Personal Assistants
  • Practice from around the country
  • The secrets of success in employing PA’s
  • Links to funding available for training

Carol also stressed the importance of working together to develop the PA market. 

For further information, please see the following link: 

Skills for Care PA hub

Essentials of Personal Health Budgets

Steve Pruner from NHS England presented on the national Personal Health Budgets programme.  Steve spoke about the importance of working in equal partnership with the NHS on Personal Health Budgets in relation to Health and Wellbeing and gave some examples of how this had worked well and made a difference to people’s lives.

Steve also reflected on a recent quality health survey in 2018 which surveyed 390 Personal Budget Holders. 

For further information, please use the following link: 

Personal Health Budgets NHSE

What matters to me?

Supporting presentation:  Robert and Anne - Esther Philosophy of Care

Anne Tidmarsh and Dr Robert Stewart from Kent County Council presented on the Esther Philosophy of Care.  The Esther model was created in Sweden and has been adopted and adapted for use by Kent Council Council to focus on what matters to me!  Esther was designed by people who are accessing or needing services including communities and the voluntary sector.

Robert and Anne ran an Esther style café with the audience to demonstrate how important it is to focus on what matters to the individual.  There are several films available to demonstrate what difference this way of working can make to people and their lives.

Please visit the following web-link for more information:

Panel discussion on proactive and responsive markets which work well for people

The Care Markets and Quality Forum Steering Group members from the Local Government Association, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, United Kingdom Home Care Association, the Care Quality Commissioning and the National Coproduction Advisory Group had an interesting panel discussion on proactive and responsive markets which work well for people. Podcast on Innovations for supporting a proactive and responsive market. (opens new window)

Presentation notes and slides


Sharon Allen

CEO Skills for Care, Co-chair of Care Markets & Quality Forum

William Davidson

Co-chair of the CMQF Steering Group 

Jennifer Sheils

Chief Campaign Planner, Department of Health and Social Care

Carol Reeves

Project Manager, Employer Engagement, Skills for Care

Steven Pruner

Senior Manager for Personalised Care, NHSE

Clenton Farquharson and Kate Sibthorp

National Coproduction Advisory Group

Dr Robert Stewart

Clinical Design Director, Design and Learning Centre for Clinical and Social Innovation

Anne Tidmarsh

Director ASCH Partnerships, Older People and Physical Disability, Kent County Council

Steve Holmes

Operational Manager, Adult Social Care, Care Quality Commission

Colin Angel

Policy and Campaigns Director, UKHCA

Hilary Paxton

Association of Directors of Adult Social Care

Brigid Day, Senior Adviser

Care Markets and Commissioning, Care and Health Improvement Programme, Local Government Association

Andy Tilden

Skills for Care