Putting the self back into self-directed support - 24th Feb, Manchester

Presentation notes and slides


Are Personal Budgets and Personal Health Budgets working as well as they should for the people you support in your area?

Are you using  straightforward systems and processes in a joined up way?

Are your self-directed support offers helping people to have good lives in strong supportive communities?

Join TLAP, National Self-directed Support Forum and Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership for an extended conversation about how you could improve your self-directed support offers.

Target audience

This event is primarily intended for people working in councils on self-directed support and  providers in Manchester.

Council staff:

  • Front-line social care workers and line managers
  • Providers of social care services both in-house and external
  • Commissioners and contract managers
  • Senior managers in commissioning, front line social work responsible for change management
  • Clinical Commissioning Group members


  • Providers who are using or interested to find out about personal budgets and personal health budgets


  • You’ll find out how you can develop practical plans to improve how personal and personal health budgets work for people, through the lens of the Making it Real framework.
  • You learn about how  Making It Real could support your work. 
  • You will hear from people, practitioners and system leaders from other parts of the country where good progress is being made with the different ways personal and personal health budgets can be offered.


Warren Heppolette, Executive Lead Strategy & System Development Gtr Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership

Warren has worked in public service for nearly 25 years working in both local government and the NHS. For the last 12 years he has been supporting joint work in Health and Care across GM and has been directly involved in both securing the devolution of Health and Care and the development subsequently of the GM Health & Social Care Partnership and the implementation of its objectives to improve health and the provision of care and support.

Ann Lloyd, Strategy & Service Adviser for Hammersmith & Fulham

Ann has worked in adult social care and commissioning for the past few decades.

She’s committed to co-producing better approaches with citizens, partners and providers that enable people to live the lives they want. Lives in which people are valued, take a full role in society and have real choice and control over any support they need.

Ann has delivered extensive training and support on the Care Act – enabling local authorities and their partners to do the right things in the right way. Ann has a particular interest in developing personalised commissioning approaches that really empower people and their communities.

Kate Sibthorp, member of National Co-production Advisory Group

Kate says that  her daughter Maddy  is her inspiration.  "When she was ten, the White Paper, Valuing People, was published and I had great hopes for her future. Nearly 20 years later, people with learning disabilities still don’t have enough choice and control and are often not included in society. I’m a big fan of Making it Real and 80 + fab I and We statements: stop me and try one!"

"My professional background is more years in local government than I care to remember, managing public sector housing in the capital and moving into organisational learning and development in Manchester".

Rachel Mason

Rachel is a family carer with 25 years experience as a speaker and trainer on embedding self-directed support systems.

She offers organisations the  family carer perspective and supports them to embed self-directed support into strategic and operational teams across children's and adult services. 

She has worked for the Centre of Welfare Reform, NDTi, FPLD, ARC, Norah Fry Research Centre, NVFF, Hft, DoH, Skills for Care, PfA Pathfinders, HSA , Care provider staff training, Health care commission, CQC,Dfe.