Webinar: Can personal budgets stimulate a diverse care market? (If you build it, will they come?)-12th March


How do we stimulate a diverse local market of micro-providers? What needs to be put in place so that people with direct payments or self-funders can purchase support from these small local providers? What puts people off?

Find out more about this subject with TLAP’s Martin Walker, Policy Advisor for self-directed support, alongside Helen Allen from Community Catalysts and Rachel Mason, National Co-production Advisory Group.

Who is it for?

  • Social workers
  • Providers of social care services both in-house and external
  • Community organisations
  • Commissioners and contract managers
  • Senior managers in commissioning, front line social work responsible for change management
  • Corporate finance teams

Share your thoughts and questions

Come prepared to share your thoughts and questions via the chat function so that they can be addressed, or submit via info@tlap.org.uk ahead of the date.

Please note:

We will be using Adobe Connect for this webinar, so check with your IT team that you have access to this software beforehand. A week before the webinar we will send you the link to the webinar page. 


Martin Walker, TLAP

Martin Walker, Policy Advisor for personalised commissioning and self-directed support. Martin has extensive experience of working with councils and local providers on their self directed support offers, care planning, in particular Individual Service Fund provision.  He also has experience in offering person-centred, sustainable care options to the people in South Yorkshire.

Helen Allen, Community Catalysts

Helen began her career in the social care field in Oldham, before moving to Shared Lives where she stayed for a number of years managing the scheme and developing it into a generic service

In 2010 Helen joined the newly created Community Catalysts to take that knowledge and learning to other areas. Helen now enjoys managing a team of Catalysts working in a variety of Councils and Health Authorities to stimulate and sustain community enterprises for people in those areas. She has a particular passion working on programmes that support people with a disability to use their gifts and talents to develop their own activity or enterprise.

Helen also creates and delivers interactive workshops for frontline workers and commissioners to affect the culture change needed to make personalisation real. 


Rachel Mason, National Co-production Advisory Group

Rachel has been managing her two adult sons' direct payments for over 15 years and has first hand experience of employing personal assistants whom she has supported to set themselves up as self-employed 'community based support assistants' . She was part of the original Community Catalysts steering group established to set up  microproviders schemes in Somerset.