Personal budgets and personal health budgets

Personal budget

Money that is allocated by a local council to pay for care or support to meet assessed needs. The money comes solely from adult social care. An individual can take a personal budget as a direct payment, or choose to leave the council to arrange services (sometimes known as a managed budget) - or a combination of the two.

An alternative is an individual service fund, which is a personal budget that a care provider manages on a person's behalf.

A personal health budget uses money from the NHS. From October 2014 individuals who are not in hospital but have complex ongoing healthcare need will have a right to receive a personal health budget. Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will also be able to offer personal health budgets to others that they feel may benefit from the additional flexibility and control.

Integrated personal budgets

We are working with the Personal Health Budgets Delivery Team at NHS England to help integrate both personal budgets and health budgets.

The advantage of this model is fewer assessments for the individual as representatives from both the social care and health care sector will meet the individual at the same time.

This way of working will avoid repetition and wasting sector resources.

As we develop resources on Integrated Personal Budgets we will share them amongst national partners, the collaborative and pioneer sites.

TLAP is involved in the following activities for the delivery of integrated personal budgets:

  • Making sure Government, NHS Commissioning Board and key health and social care agencies are aware of the issues around integrated personal budgets
  • Gathering and sharing positive commissioning practice
  • Briefing key NHS delivery groups to improve their understanding of implementing personal budgets
  • Gathering and sharing learning to improve access to personal budgets for groups at risk of exclusion
  • Offering integration pioneer sites help in implementing joint health and social care personal budgets.