About Personalisation: What's Next

Think Local Act Personal - the cross sector partnership that has been responsible for driving forward work on personalisation and community-based support - is in its third year of operation. We are taking stock on what we need to do next to make the biggest possible difference to people's lives.

Our original partnership agreement , launched in January 2011, was signed by over 30 leading national social care and health partners. This has been useful in shaping our work programme, but with the fast pace of change in care and health delivery, we now need to update it.

We want to keep Think Local Act Personal fresh. So we are asking our partners and those who are interested in personalisation and community-based support to write a short blog about what a new partnership agreement should be and what TLAP should do in 2014 and beyond.

Our guest bloggers discuss what TLAP needs to focus on in the future; where we might need to shift the emphasis of our work programme; whether there are new issues we need to be considering or agendas in other public services we should be joining up with.

We welcome all views on the future of personalisation, if you want to join the debate you can comment on our guest blogs or share them by tweeting @tlap1 (opens new window) using #TLAPrefresh.

We will launch the new partnership agreement in April 2014 with a work programme and renewed commitment from our partners.

This work follows on from the Personalisation Summit hosted by Norman Lamb in September 2013 and our national conference held the same month. Both were opportunities to review progress that's been made and we're keen to keep this moving on.

With this in mind we really want to hear from all parts of the health and care sector - people who commission, provide or use services, carers, sector improvement agencies, front line staff and managers, educators...