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Project description

Peer support brokerage in Trafford assists people with mental health problems to create their own personalised support plans. The service is a partnership between blueSCI (a community sector organisation that works with people who have poor mental health) and Trafford Centre for Independent Living. Support is provided by volunteers who have themselves used mental health services.

Who is the service for?

The peer support brokerage service is for adults in Trafford who use mental health services.

Intended outcomes

The aim of the project is to help people make choices about how to use their funding for support, and enable them to develop support plans that meet their individual needs. It aims to empower people who use mental health services - both those being supported through brokerage, and those providing the support.

Why is the service being developed?

This service is part of Trafford's mixed brokerage model, to help people exercise choice and plan the use of funds (whether the funds come from a personal budget or their own money). People with direct personal experience of services are able to provide valuable support to people in similar circumstances, in a different way to other forms of brokerage.

Were the people who use services and carers and other key stakeholders involved in setting up this service?

People who use services were involved in the development of the service through blueSCI and Trafford Centre for Independent Living.

Has the service met the intended outcomes?

The service is still being established and promoted. To date, volunteers have been recruited and trained to act as peer brokers.

Do you have information on costs or savings?

There is no information available at present on costs or savings.

What were the learning points in setting up this service?

The key learning point is the importance of working in partnership, to recognise and build on the knowledge, experience, passion and leadership potential of community sector organisations.

Contact details

Martin White
Citizen Involvement Officer, Trafford Council
Telephone: 0161 912 1316