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Project description

The Dudley Community Information Directory (DCID) is a central portal for the provision of online information and advice about organisations and support services in Dudley. It was developed by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council and has been online since 2011, it is managed by the council's library service.

Customer ratings systems are being developed and implemented that will enable people to provide feedback on the services they receive and make informed choices about how they are supported. The directory will provide a menu of services for support planning that is applicable both to self-funders and to holders of a personal budget.

Who is the service for?

The directory is provided for everyone who lives in Dudley borough.

Intended outcomes

The aim of the service is to enable people to 'self serve', understand what is available in their community, and access preventative support.

Why is the service being developed?

The directory was developed in order to provide local people with clear information about services in the borough, both free and costed.

Were the people who use services and carers and other key stakeholders involved in setting up this service?

People who use services and carers were involved in setting up the service through the council's Action for Disabled People and Carers group.

The council is currently working with the local Clinical Commissioning Group and Healthwatch to develop the service further. Neighbouring councils have also been involved, in an attempt to provide a regional service.

Has the service met the intended outcomes?

Nearly 80 per cent of Dudley residents who responded to a national survey reported that they find it easy to find information about local adult social care services. However, some people have requested that information be provided through other mechanisms, as well as online, to meet the needs of people who do not access the internet.

Do you have information on costs or savings?

There is no information available at this point on costs or savings.

What were the learning points in setting up this service?

  • Be aware that the service cannot be static and needs to be constantly updated
  • Help service providers and other organisations to promote who they are and what they do
  • Mainstream the service: the more the system is used, the better it becomes.

Contact details

Stuart Lackenby
Making it Real Programme Lead, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
Email: stuart.lackenby@dudley.gov.uk
Telephone: 07879 467225