Key resources


Personalisation in a nutshell

SEND Pathfinder Information Pack, Version 6 - Personal Budgets, Mott MacDonald, March 2015

Concise briefing on what are personal budgets, who is eligible, how to support their use plus loads of case studies and useful links.

Investing in resilience and inclusion - briefing 1: Explaining person centred integration, In Control, 2015

Part of the A Life not a Service series of Briefings - explores how personalisation should focus on the whole lives of children, young people and families rather than just service provision. Shows how services and personal budgets can be integrated to support children, young people and families to make best use of their own and their communities' assets.

Young Person's Guide to Personal Budgets

Together for Short Lives, has launched a new guide Young Person's Guide to Personal Budgets in England, designed to help seriously ill young people to have more choice and freedom in how their care is delivered.

Personalisation is about personal budgets but also much more

Personalisation discussion paper, Children England, 2010

Useful history of the policy and practice development of personalisation in both adult and children's services.

Support and Aspiration, introducing personal budgets, In Control and SQW

A comprehensive guide to introducing and rolling out personal budgets

A life not a service, Nic Crosby and Andrew Tyson, In Control, 2015

Rethinking integration around the lives and assets of people and their communities not professions and processes - overview and briefing papers

Personalisation for all children, young people and families

Personalising education

Enabling schools and colleges to develop person centred practices that benefit all children and young people. Loads of useful material including one page person centred profiles and outline whole school development programmes that include staff, allied professionals and family members.

The kinship care guide for England, Grandparents Plus

Written for grandparents and other kinship carers who are raising children who cannot live with their parents

Vounteering Matters (Previously Community Service Volunteer's - CSV) Volunteers in Child Protection (ViCP) project, C4EO

Evaluation of volunteering to support families with children who have a Child Protection Plan

Self-directed support and early intervention, In Control

How personalisation works for children who are looked after and for families through early intervention

Preparing for Adulthood, NDTi, DfE funded

Supporting young people who are disabled or have special educational needs to prepare for adulthood - resources, toolkits and stories

Learning from Targeted Mental Health in Schools Phase 1 Pathfinders, DCSF, OPM 2009

Innovative whole school approaches to improving child and young person mental health and wellbeing

Learning from Targeted Mental Health in Schools Phase 1 Pathfinders

Strong, active, inclusive communities

YoungMinds Vs

Young people tackling - schools stress (see campaign pack), bullying, sexual pressures and cuts in mental health service for children

YoungMinds Facebook group

See it, Say it, Change it, Children's Rights Alliance England

Children and young people describe where and how their rights are not respected and what should be done about it.

Youth Social Action: Embedding inclusive practices in opportunities for youth social action, NDTi, Pears Foundation, iwill

Supporting young people who risk being excluded from opportunities for youth social action - set of report and stories.

People and places

A safe, moderated on line way for young people to link up with others and expand their social networks

Personalising services to my life and aspirations

My life, my support, my choice: a narrative for person centred coordinated care and support for children and young people with complex lives.

What children and young people want from integrated care and support

Families and Personalisation Project, NDTi and Dimensions

How providers can work with families to help them get the best out of personalisation - set of reports and stories

Personal Budgets and the School day

In Control, SQW and NASEN

Focusing on the lives of children and families via an EHC plan to made the best joint use of school and personal budget funded support.

How to commission for personalisation

The family group conference model, Family Rights Group

A family led process to plan and make decisions for a child who is at risk

Children's participation in decision-making: a children's view report, Children's Commissioner

Children and young people's views and recommendations about increasing their participation in decision making: at school and at home; and in their local area

Making it Personal - How to commission for personalisation - guidance for commissioners and others in children's services

by Claire Lazarus, Clive Miller and Judith Smyth funded by the Department for Education KIDS Making it Personal programme, OPM September 2012

Policy, practice and commissioning frameworks, from personal budgets to services to community capacity building

Understanding the Resource Allocation System, In Control, 2013

Children and families - how to develop and use a tailored resource allocation system

Development and use of POET for children and young people with SEND, In Control and Lancaster University, DfE funded 2015

Report on the development and testing of the SEND version of the Personal Evaluation and Outcomes Tool