What does personalisation mean for children, young people and families and services?

All children, young people and their families can benefit from personalisation.

· This will include: children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and also children with mental health needs and children on the edge of the care system or those who have additional needs

'Coproduction' used as a way or working to make real change happen. This means:

· Enabling families to come together to talk about their real-life experiences.

· Creating a great working relationship between professionals and families. This means everyone will be equal in meetings.

· Helping children and families make must better use of personal budgets.

Opening up 'universal services' to all children and young people:

· Universal services are things like cafes, employment, banks, leisure services, schools and public transport

· This will mean promoting 'inclusion' so that all children are able to make use of facilities and activities in their communities

Developing strong, inclusive communities

· This means that communities are welcoming; tolerant of differences that people have; and encourage and value contributions from everyone.

Creating ways for adult and children and young people's services to work together

· This means finding ways to enable services to continue to support people as they grow older and move from children's to adult services