Social capital and better outcomes

For more information on the evidence showing that community capacity can lead to better social and personal outcomes, take a further look at our ever-growing bibliography for a look at some useful and interesting pieces of literature. We are keen to keep our bibliography 'alive' by adding new documents to it when we come across something particularly good, and we'd love for you to join us. Please contact us if you have read or know of a good document or piece of research that you think should be on the bibliography - help us to nourish it!

- Empowering Communities: Community skills development and neighbourhood workforce planning: Key findings and conclusions from the Skills for Care community skills development and workforce planning programme.

-What makes us healthy? What Makes Us Healthy? will inspire and support those who want to look again at what they are doing to improve health and wellbeing and to tackle health inequalities.

- Community Development and Health: A Literature Review: A useful document offering relevant definitions and a brief background to the current state of play in the statutory services using a broad selection of sources.

- Volunteering England: Systematic review of the correlation between volunteering and improved health.

- Centre for Educational Research and Innovation: For an in-depth and academically sound piece of research looking at the nature of social capital and how it interacts and interconnects with human capital and health issues.

- Health Empowerment Leaverage Project: A paper focusing on researching the impact of community development and engagement approaches to improving health in local communities.

- Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity: A document providing a succinct guide to why investment in social capital ventures can improve health and wellbeing.