Key publications

These publications have been produced by either the Building Community Capacity project team, or in collaboration with partners. They describe key elements of building stronger communities and pick out successful examples and describe the issues in some detail.

You will also find links to some extra resources from other organisations that we hope you will also find useful.

Developing the Power of Strong, Inclusive Communities

A strategy document which offers practical guidance to support community capacity building, as well as integration across health and social care. An Easy Read version is also available.

Building Community Capacity: Evidence, efficiency and cost-effectiveness

This paper briefly draws together some of the evidence that TLAP is aware of that contributes to demonstrating better outcomes, or in some cases, the financial benefits of nurturing stronger communities.

Volunteering: Unlocking the real wealth of people and communities

TLAP's response to the Government's Care and Support White Paper. It calls for continued development of social action in local communities.

Strategic briefing on Building Community Capacity

This is an at-a-glance guide to the key arguments, eveiden adn examples of how to nurture stronger communities.

Key issues for Building Communty Capacity

This document, produced for ripfa, describes the main issue around Building Community Capacity, its relevance to TLAP and examples of best practice from across the country.

Briefing for councillors on Building Community Capacity

This publication describes the main issues and their relevance to elected members, civic engagement and local neighbourhoods.

Commissioning for Community Inclusion

This paper from the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) is a helpful guide for commissioners in health and social care.

Building Stronger Communities

This Department of Health paper accompanies the Government's vision for social care.

Nesta Neighbourhood Challenge

This interim report shows how Nesta's projects are developing new ways of supporting community-led innovation in order to release creative potential within local communities.