How to use Time Credits to create asset-based communities.

In the summer of 2016 the doors finally opened. After 8 years, the Chorley Moor and Gillibrand Estates, located in Chorley, finally had a neighbourhood hub – Buttermere Community Centre. With a community hall, meeting rooms, and changing facilities for the local sports field, Chorley Council was able to create an invaluable physical asset for local residents. However, the building alone is only one step towards creating an asset based community.

At the heart of the Spice Time Credits model is the belief in the value each and every individual brings to their community. We encourage people to help shape – or co-produce – their community and to use Time Credits as a tool to connect neighbours, services and business to create empowered communities that look after everyone.

For each hour that an individual gives to their community, they earn a Time Credit.  People can then ‘spend’ Time Credits to access events, training and leisure activities provided by public, community and private organisations, or to thank others.

Deborah Ollerenshaw connects with her neighbours by gifting the Time Credits she earns running activities at the Buttermere Community Centre’s Parents and Tots group. Last winter Deborah gave over 30 hours of her time. She then used the Time Credits she earned to plan an ice skating trip at the Chorley ice rink for all the neighbourhood children. By earning and spending with Time Credits, Deborah is building strong relationships with her neighbours, helping residents to think more positively about their community and improving the wellbeing of parents and their children.

Time Credits Impact

Our recently launched report ‘Building Communities Together’, found 78% of people who earn and spend Time Credits feel they can contribute more to the community; 63% feel less isolated and lonely; and 69% feel more positive about the future. Time Credits are a key tool that organisations, councils and businesses can use to connect communities and build asset based areas. They support both the identification and exchange of assets between individuals and organisations, and through this exchange build more connected and resourceful communities that can take action to address local challenges.

Time Credits are currently offered in England and Wales. To find out more about how Time Credits can help your community visit our website



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