The Care Bill, delivery and expectation

Glen Mason, Department of Health
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Refreshing Parthership

On the basis that it's not long since we had a white paper and we're going through parliament with a care and support bill at the moment, you won't be surprised that the Department's priorities haven't changed and these are reflected in our thoughts about TLAP.

Our overall vision is about promoting people's wellbeing and independence and enabling them to be active citizens. The second part of the vision is to transform people's experience by putting them in control. So our vision for the system, as a department, is right there, embodied in what TLAP is all about. We want to see that developed and moved forward.

The health and social care bill is trying to free up the system, to get that double devolution from government to locality, but really importantly, then from locality down to individual citizens. We don't see the answer to this as guidance, we don't see the answer as specifying how people behave, it is about local places and citizens in local places determining what is important to them.

Our priority is making the care bill real and personalisation is a key part of this. Right at the highest levels within the department, at ministerial level, we are looking to drive forward personalisation, and Norman Lamb himself chaired a summit on personalisation recently to refocus our efforts towards this goal. We covered two specific, important areas in particular, personal budgets and commissioning of market development.

We've made lots of progress in these areas, but we still have a way to go. ADASS have conducted two personal budget surveys, and we've seen from this that some councils still have a long way to go. We really need to better understand what's happening in these places and why progress has been less advanced. We've really got to tackle that and there is a real appetite to do that.

So, in terms of future priorities for TLAP, that follow on from the Care Bill and White Paper. First of all, continuing to support policy programmes, tackling and working with under performance and engaging with people who use services. Also, supporting the Department to get things like the secondary legislation right, the statutory guidance right, being with us, being in the room with us, helping to write that, telling us what are the important points that we need to capture.

Secondly, following up from the personalisation and national personal budgets survey, really getting involved in taking forward the actions, moving from the services to individual need and integrating health and social care budgets. A challenging agenda, but one I know TLAP can deliver on.

Then, finally, I wanted to finish with what is it that enthuses me personally about the Partnership. TLAP is about values and behaviours. The whole system comes together within TLAP and we have to leave our self-interest at the door; it's about how we build a better care and support system for the future. There is a real sense of collaboration, and I think that's very successfully married with a spirit of learning and of expectation.

Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don't, but we're not afraid to experiment. There's not a book on the shelf where we can find the answer, it's not about technical solutions, it's about how we adapt to this new world we're in. It's also around focus on delivery and on making the world different. Long may TLAP survive, you've certainly got the support of the department, and we look forward to being partners with you along the journey.


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It is important to reach direct employers - carers - PA's - providers - support staff - social workers and trainers in a way that has never been done before. True consultation can be very hard to achieve

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Andy Callow: A great read Glen; putting people first and in control.

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