Stories of Promise – The jigsaw pieces of a good case study!

Practicing what we preach

We appreciate that co-production is not easy and can take more time but the benefits are amazing, members of NCAG and others give so much to adult social care by sharing their personal experience. This includes, the good and the ugly which has the power to change hearts and minds.  

Jigsaw pieces of a good case study

The following are pieces of the jigsaw that they believe makes a good case study. They say that if you get the pieces right, then there is “nothing about me, without me”!

  • Person Centred – what matters to people at the heart of everything
  • Innovative – stands out above the rest
  • Excellent – grabs them as being of great benefit to people and communities
  • Co-produced – involves people with lived experience in delivery (including an inclusive board membership)
  • Expandable – could be further developed and grown
  • Sustainable – has stable funding and support.

Some exceptional examples – ‘stories of promise’

NCAG and TLAP have been impressed with the high standard of case studies but rest assured, due to collaborative reviewing, not all have been successful. 

The ones that grabbed NCAG members Jennifer Pearl and David Rolph's attention as going above and beyond are below, not only due to their personal experience of accessing care and support but the way in which the organisations have supported and empowered people to live a good life. 

  • Inclusion Barnet
  • Beyond Words
  • Spinal Injury Association
  • Kent Esther Programme
  • MacIntyre
  • Gig Buddies

There are many others too, please take a look for yourselves. 

Tips on making things better for people

David and Jennifer offered these top tips as advice to the sector.

Good communication with people accessing care and support is essential – if we don’t reach out to communicate with people, people feel in the dark, isolated and alone

Embrace the opportunities digital solutions provide – we know that digital tech and digital inclusiveness can improve people’s connectedness, wellbeing and independence

Better use of co-production and personalisation – responding to what matters to people should be at the heart of everything you do

Invest in our communities and voluntary sector – often funding is short term and has a detrimental effect if stopped, we need to think longer term and really invest in communities and voluntary sector. 

From Jennifer and David, the Stories of Promise have really reflected organisations which focus on the type of life people want to lead.  NCAG and TLAP would like to encourage you all to share the case studies with as many people as you can as we are never fully aware of what’s out there and what can be achieved in our communities.    


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