Radical social work - Realising human potential

With less than a week to go until NCASC19 there is much excitement amongst members of the National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG) who will be bringing some sparkle with them. 

NCAG is people who committed to personalised care and support services because they know from experience that it can support them to live the ordinary lives they would like to live.

One of the core principles of The Think Local Act Personal Making it Real framework is:
‘A sense of belonging, positive relationships and contributing to community life is important to people’s health and wellbeing’ 

This is not only relevant to people who need support to live an ordinary life, it is relevant to all of us. SO…

NCAG is inviting people at the conference to share stories, public living room style, (thanks to Maff Potts and Camerados for the inspiration) and explore how we are the answers to each other’s problems. The people we work with and support are at the heart of co-production and hold the key to successful innovation in social care (and beyond).

Over the last 12 months NCAG has been exploring how it feels to co-create the right conditions for innovation to emerge and flourish. We have been developing an offer of support that reminds people that personalisation in health and care is fundamentally about realising human potential; being kind and reconnecting with human purpose. 

Talking to us might give you a few ideas on how NCAG members could support innovation and new approaches where you work. 

Here are a few examples from work we’ve been carrying out over the past few months:
• A finance manager declared his commitment to review their ‘unauthorised’ expenditure policies and re-humanise the letters they are sending out to people. Read his Pirates on bikes Blog

• Principle Social Workers who are committing to challenging the processes and procedures that ‘don’t make sense’; “You have changed the social workers’ thinking and reminded them of why they wanted in first place to become one. I can say that having just read all feedback forms from the event” (Radical Social Work – Getting Back to Human Relationships. Principle Social Workers Network, East of England Region – 5th Nov 2019)

• Nursing and Midwifery Council staff explored what it means to reconnect with human purpose and what being a KIND regulator means

• And a very happy assistant director of social care as part of their ‘game changing’ approach to Direct Payments: “I just wanted to say WOW! There was so much energy and enthusiasm from the workshops today. Thank you NCAG for giving your time, your honesty, vulnerability, passion and challenge over the last few months. We are on a journey in Shropshire and I look forward to us working together to deliver what we have said we will do” Tanya Miles, AD ASC.

Not much left to say other than – ‘look out’ for NCAG and TLAP in the market place (stand A32) – we will be looking out for you! 


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