How personalisation can have relevance beyond health and social care

Ann Skinner, chief executive of Resolving Chaos, outlines what they are doing to support people with multiple and complex needs and suggests that the Making It Real Framework offers principles that underpin their work - even when it goes beyond health and social care.

The Making It Real framework reminds us that when we take a personalised, community-based approach to delivering care and support, people and communities will experience better and more sustainable outcomes.   

What we are doing to support personalisation

At Resolving Chaos we are developing ways to personalise support.  We are designing new tools that will help adults with multiple and complex needs to take control of their lives and engage with the community around them. 

  • Over the last three years we have worked in partnership with commissioner and providers to implement personal budgets across five local authority areas. 
  • We are also developing a web based tool called E-Choice Channel to enable people to set their goals, manage their budgets and purchase services from local providers outside the traditional care management and support plan frameworks.
  • We lead a personalisation initiative establishing a network of providers who all want to make their services more personalised.

Beyond health and social care

But we have to remember that personalisation has relevance beyond health and social care. Recently we presented a case study at a regional community safety conference that told the story of a young woman who turned her life around with the support of the ‘You Can’ team in Hertfordshire.

A year ago she was being evicted from her home, with regular call outs from police and ambulance, and weekly contact with the local Anti-Social Behaviour team. Now she is supported in a planned way by local agencies and the cost of services she receives has reduced by two thirds.  More importantly she is an active member of her community where she lives, and provides support to others.

Making it Real framework and how it can help

We know there are others in the multiple needs sector who share our belief that personalised community based support is the way forward for better and cheaper solutions to the challenges people face.

I believe the Making It Real Framework will help us to define the principles and values that underpin this work. It will also help share best practice across the sector about what makes the difference in a way that everyone can understand.

Personalisation is the key to sparking genuine change and we look forward to working collaboratively with TLAP to inspire even greater change in the future.



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