Personal budgets -What does it mean?

Oriental guyI've been hearing a lot about Personal Budgets, what does this mean?

Change lady with glassesOh, I am just trying to understand that myself as everything is changing. But it's about getting money for the care and support I need.

Change man with beardI've heard it's supposed to give us more choice and control so we can have a better quality of life - but I only know one person with learning disabilities who has a Personal Budget.

Change lady with ponytailYes, but how is that different from Direct Payments? Are you still getting the money that you need?

Change lady with glassesYes I am but I can decide how to use it. It's about me being at the centre of my care. I can decide what care I want and who's going to provide that support and care. It's personal to each person as everyone is different.
Oriental guy
But why is that better?

Change man with beard

It's better because when services are planned they ask the person that who needs them what they want. Also health care and social care professionals are going to work together better to help each person.Change lady with glasses

I think we might be able to use our Personal Budgets to get more involved in community life, which would be great, because I know lots of people with learning disabilities don't feel included in their communities.

Oriental guyBut how are we going to find out about Personal Budgets so that we understand what it is and know what help and support is available? I've never seen any easy read information about Personal Budgets.

Change lady with ponytailNeither have I. We need information about Personal Budgets that has pictures and easy words. This would help us to get the right information without relying on our social worker or our support worker to get it for us. Videos would help us to understand too. Then we'd have more power!

Oriental guyHas it made a difference for you, Annabel?

Change lady with glassesYes, I can choose what support I get and also change it to something else when my health changes. I have more freedom to get around because my transport fits round me rather than the timetable of the provider. This make me feel much happier because I am more independent.

Change lady with ponytailWe will just have to see how it works out for different people as it's a lot of changes to services and people are a bit worried about how it's going to work for them.

Change man with beardI think we will need good support to understand the changes and how they will affect us. We need Peer to Peer support and training from other people with learning disabilities to help us understand what our rights are, what Personal Budgets are, how we get them and what to do if things go wrong.

Change lady with glassesoh, Peer to Peer and easy read information, wouldn't that be great. I can feel the power!


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We have created a website which is there to enable people to find their local voluntary and community organisations and what services they offer. We have a simple postcode search facility where people just type in their postcode and it will tell them which organisations are in their area. We know people on personal budgets are using our website to find out what services are available in their area for free before making purchasing decisions. We would be grateful for advice on how we can help people to better understand what services are free and what must be purchased.

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