Meet KeyRing member Cecilia

At KeyRing we work hard to support people to build their independence. We work equally hard to convince the world of the skills that people have to offer. We don’t care about labels:  learning disability, mental health issue, substance abuser. Everyone has something to offer.

Cecilia is a KeyRing Member (person that we support) in Lambeth. London.

Can you tell us about a typical day?

I work in a local hospital as a Kitchen Assistant. I started as a volunteer and then was offered a job. The work includes cleaning and mopping, and kitchen work preparing the food for the hospital staff.

I do shifts so a typical day depends on the week.

How do you keep safe?

It’s ok because I can walk to work so I don’t need to get on the bus. When I get there I have to show my ID. I have to wear a mask. I don’t like that because it makes it difficult to breathe. I have to wear it though.

Do you ever worry about the virus?

I don’t like to stay at home. I was scared and concerned but I have to go to work when it’s my shift. It is my job. It’s not only me that has to do it. I am part of a team. I have friends at work. They smile and they are friendly. It’s another reason that I go to work.

Tell us about your friends and family.

I have three children, two sons and one daughter. I haven’t been able to speak to one of my sons for a while but I talk to the other two all the time.

I speak with my mum in Sierra Leone every day. We do this by WhatsApp. I’ve got two sisters. One lives in Sierra Leone and one lives in England.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I play Afro Beat music. I love to cook, my favourite thing to cook is spinach and okra.

What about your KeyRing support during lockdown?

Nothing is different. If I need any support I can call Adie (Cecilia’s Community Enabler). It’s harder because it’s over the phone but if I need to discuss a letter with her I can send her a picture of it through WhatsApp.

What challenges have you faced during lockdown?

It’s all fine. You do what you can.

What do you want to change after lockdown?

Before lockdown I started to look with Adie at ways of moving out of my address. It’s cold and it is time for a change. The lockdown has made me realise just how much I want to move. Adie will help me with this.


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