Co-production and Social Care Assessment

Martin Yates, Northern Independent Living Ltd
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I think this is a real great opportunity to have a say in shaping the vision of TLAP for the next three years. As a person who uses services and a Member of the National Co-production Advisory Group, I feel strongly that people who use services are the people that know the best as to how to meet their support requirements. If we are to develop and improve our social care system, there is a need for this to be done in true co-production. This needs to happen from the top at Central Government level, coming down to Local Authority level to ensure that everything is co-produced

I would like to see TLAP support the development of the concept of Social Care assessments being co-produced. I know that the Social Care assessment is meant to be person-centred but would question this in the nicest way. I know first-hand as a person who uses services that is not how I am made to feel when the social services come to review or sometime reassess me every year or so. I am made to feel that my disability is a problem and that I am having to justify my life to someone who I don't even know but who seems to have the power to decide whether or not I can continue to have the same level of support.

In my view the current social care assessment is person-centred in that it takes into account the views of the people who use the service and family who support them. However it is questionable if this is true co-production. Are these views taken at equal value to those of the social worker? If not, than this is not real co-production. For real co-production to take place within the social care assessment framework, there will have to be a real chance for people who use services to have an equal say in the outcome of the assessment. This of course means turning the whole process on its head taking the control out of the social workers hands and balancing out the power.

Shifting this power may seem to some as one step too far, but is it? We have been talking for as long as I can remember that people who use services are the central of the assessment process. So it's about time we use the co-production model and who better to take this forward than TLAP.


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I think the focus should be relationship centred, not person centred. Assessment should not be a process, but a conversation grounded in a relationship. I was a GP practice based social worker in a rural Welsh town for many years. Budgets and resources were limited, but working on a relational basis with families and the community, resulted in a wealth of creative solutions. Unfortunately, this required me to step out of my so called 'professional' boundaries and to focus on the power of friendhips and reciprocity. I feat the world of social work and social care has been travelling in the wrong direction for many years, whilst lining the pockets of multi-national IT companies, who have contributed to the development of what one colleague calls the 'antisocial' social services

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Service users organisations have a key role to play in supporting people have more choice and control because they have the key to peer support which builds on people's strengths and steers them away from dependency on professionals. At WiltshireCIL we are trying to build a support service for direct payments and personal budgets which gives several peer support opportunities to individual users and carers and it's encouraging to see them grow in confidence as they participate. We have just produced an evaluation of the first year of workshops for new direct payment recipients which is published on our website

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