A warts and all process that’s worth it

If I’m really honest, it is always with a little nervous anticipation that I await the results of our annual Making it Real task group.

The task group, made up of a number of stakeholders, come together using the Working together for change (WTFC) tool to analyse real data taken from various platforms.

These platforms include:

  • Person Centred Reviews,
  • Satisfaction Questionnaires,
  • Tenancy and Team meetings.

Our purpose is to look at what is and isn’t working and what’s important for the future of the services we provide for the people we support.

My “nervous anticipation” is down to the warts and all process that the WTFC tool promotes. It takes real courage to lay bare the soul of your organisation and have other people co-produce the solutions. Then to upload your priorities to the Making it Real section of the TLAP website for public display.  

You may be thinking, so is this really of value in this hugely competitive market place that social care has quite rightly become?

Yes it is. The value lies in motivating inclusion which promotes an honest and open culture.  It helps us as an organisation to listen, learn and reflect, and understand the root causes of what isn’t working. Then we can share power and responsibility to co-produce culturally appropriate responses to local, not just organisational priorities.

Ultimately this enables us to tailor the services we provide around real identified need for the people we support to improve their life experiences, as well as help us on our journey of organisational change.

So my advice to you would be that  if you really want to promote customer satisfaction, employee retention, and embed a person-centred culture that puts its stakeholders not only at  the heart of everything you  do but firmly in the driving seat, then please have trust in the process!





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