National Market Development Forum

Membership of the National Market Development Forum

The National Market Development Forum (NMDF) brings together social care leaders, commissioners, service providers, regulators, people with care and support needs, carers and family members.

Chaired by Sharon Allen, CE Skills for Care and Dr Sam Bennett, Head of Integrated Personal Commissioning and Personal Health Budgets at NHS England, along with representatives from the National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG) -Bill Davidson, Clenton Farquharson and John Evans.


Co-chairs with Sam Bennett

Members include representation from:


People who use services and carers (NCAG members)



Standard setters 

Healthwatch England

Department of Health

NHS England Improving Quality

Think Local Act Personal

Towards Excellence in Councils' Adult Social Care Programme Board.

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The advantage of the 

The work of the National Market Development Forum

Members have the opportunity to support and cultivate sector improvements by sharing information on good practice and contributing to emerging policy initiatives.

The focus of the work is to strengthen the evidence base and capacity for excellence in person-centred commissioning so that people have a choice of affordable, responsive, good quality services available in their local area.

Specifically the NMDF will:

  • Act as a reference group for connected bodies to discuss key issues around market development
  • Identify gaps in coverage and make recommendations for further work
  • Review and comment on draft products and contribute to task an finish groups
  • Assist with dissemination and implementation of products developed through NMDF that support local market development
  • Ensure that products reflect the views of people who use services, commissioners and providers and that they contribute to increasing informed choice and control for people in need of care and support services
  • Ensure that the impact of the NMDF work is captured annually and fed into the overall TLAP programme impact assessment.

Meetings are held every quarter.







NMDF Resources

We have a series of products that aim to help improve the effectiveness of market relationships between people who use services, providers and commissioners.