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Making best use of resources

Think Local Act Personal is working with the Towards Excellence in Adult Social Care Programme to develop practical advice and guidance for council managers and their partners on how to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the resources for adult social care.

We have published two reports and created a toolkit for councils called, "A Problem Shared: Making best use of resources".


A Problem Shared: Making best use of resources in adult social care

This report will help political and managerial leadership in councils make the best use of the available resources for developing and delivering adult social care.

A Problem Shared: Summary report

This is a brief summary of the full report "A Problem Shared: Making the best use of resources in adult social care".

A Problem Shared: Progress in delivering budget savings in adult social care 2007/8-2011/12

This report presents and analyses national data on how councils have spent their budgets in adult social care since 2007/08.


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