Success in co-production

Personal budgets in social care

When people are given significant control over the use of budgets it can be very empowering, lead to radical changes in the delivery of services and promote culture change in service professions.

Self-care programmes for long-term health conditions

Self-care programmes can reduce visits to GPs by up to 69%, reduce hospital admissions by up to 50% and they more than pay for themselves through savings.

Partnerships for Older People Projects (POPPS)

There is also a growing interest in the development of user-led organisations and social enterprises.

Developments such as the Partnerships for Older People Projects (POPPS), (POPPS National Evaluation Team, 2008) and Time-banking (Ryan-Collins et al, 2008) recognise that people who use social care can also be resources for others and can enable people to make an active contribution to life in their neighbourhoods.